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ourproducts-firstimageJust like the best golf courses around the world, we use the leading feeds, weed controls and professional machinery to treat your lawn.

Professional feeds - non-scorch, no-watering

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Our specialist, professional feeds are
fine granule controlled release fertilizers
designed to release their nutrients over
a 10 to 12 week period.

Outer Polymer Coating
Inner Sulphur Coating
Urea Nutrient Core.

The feed features Poly-S coated fertilizer granules that utilise a special combination of coatings. This enables the feeds to release their nutrients according to soil temperature and moisture surrounding the granule. Large changes in soil temperature and/or moisture do not result in severe fluctuations in the release pattern, ensuring a non-surge growth. Therefore, we are able to apply our feeds year round, in all but frosty conditions.

Even in the extreme heat and drought of the warmest of summers, the feeds will not need to be watered. Mowing can take place within two to three days of application. Examples of where these market leader feeds are used include Wentworth (golf) and Arsenal (football). Fast, effective weed and moss control - our pesticides are only available to NPTC licensed contractors. Regular expert application ensures the removal and ongoing control of the broad spectrum of common and persistent weeds.


Find out about our scarifiers...


Our specialist slow release, non-scorch feeds
get the lawn off to a strong, green start.
We also apply selective weed and moss
control treatments.

Our scarifiers are designed and manufactured in the UK by one of the world's leading suppliers. They have over 70 years experience of designing and manufacturing turf machinery, with a rich tradition of innovation, quality and classic design. Renowned for their dependability and exceptional performance, they enable us to achieve optimum results on your lawn.

These heavy-duty powered scarifiers are fitted with a high quality thatch removal reel. This comprises 24 heavy duty, double-edged blades spaced at 19mm (3/4in).

With fine adjustment capabilities, our scarifiers can be used either aggressively for removal of excess thatch or more lightly throughout the year to manage thatch development. We have invested in the markets finest (not cheapest!) aerators and scarifiers. Chosen for both their quality and speed of work, you can be confident that they will ensure your lawn receives a thorough service that generates deep down results.


Find out about our aerators...


Your lawn will receive
a thorough service
that generates deep
down results.

Europe's leading manufacturer of fine-turf aeration machines supplies our aerators. Using a patented the Elliptical Plunge Action Mechanism, these aerators penetrate vertically into the soil up to 150mm (6") deep. This provides a much more effective result than cheaper "drum based" aerators that will generally only create small, less beneficial holes.

As a result, our aerators are used by some of the worlds leading sports facilities, including St. Andrews (golf), Lords (cricket) and the All England Club (tennis).

Sprayers and spreaders

Find out about our sprayers and spreaders...


Our equipment ensures accurate, safe
and fast application of feeds and pesticides.
This is key to ensure you receive the
service and results we both expect.

We care for your lawn

Our feeds require no watering and will not scorch your lawn. They are long lasting and there is no surge growth. Grass will be greener, stronger and healthier. And because all we do is look after customer's lawns, we have the experience, products and equipment to improve and maintain your lawn – year round.

We’ve been transforming thousands of lawns since 2003 and with prices starting from just £18 (for a typical small lawn), any time’s a good time to get the lawn you’ve dreamt of.

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What our customers say | Our aim No weeds, No moss, No hassle!

  • Testimonial 1
    Testimonial 1
    great idea! The lawn has never looked so good! What an excellent service

    Our service takes the guesswork out of improving your lawn

  • Testimonial 2
    Testimonial 2
    The lawn is looking very good now for the first time since we came here four years ago

    If at first you don't succeed, call LawnTender!

  • Testimonial 3
    Testimonial 3
    What a difference - the lawn has been saved!

    If at first you don't succeed, call LawnTender

  • Testimonial 4
    Testimonial 4
    Never thought your treatment would make such a difference, the back garden looks like a carpet!

    Our service takes the guesswork out of improving your lawn

  • Testimonial 5
    Testimonial 5
    The contrast with our neighbour's lawn is amazing!

    Proving the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

  • Testimonial 6
    Testimonial 6
    Just amazed at how wonderful my lawn looks now after just one season's treatment

    However bad your lawn looks, let us help you develop your dream lawn

  • Testimonial 7
    Testimonial 7
    The change in the lawn was incredible. We have now moved and have a new challenge for you - same again please!

    We are consistently rated excellent for our customer service


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