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We've answered a lot of the frequently asked questions people have about LawnTender's service, but please contact us if you can't find your question listed below or you need more information than the answers provide.

What is the LawnTender service?

AThe key to a great lawn is regular feeding, weed and moss control, disease control and mechanical treatments (aeration and scarification). And that's what we do! All you need to do then is mowing and watering to have that beautiful lush lawn you always dreamed of.

What is special about it?

AJust like the best golf courses around the world, we are using the leading fertilisers, pesticides and professional machinery to treat your lawn. Our specialist non-scorch fertilisers are only available to professionals and provide significantly more nutrients than products available in retail stores. And our pesticides are only available to licensed contractors.

Do I need to sign-up and pay for a full course of treatments?

A There is no contract to sign and you only pay us after each individual treatment.

Is it really cost effective to use LawnTender?

A Absolutely. Having access to professional treatments and specialist equipment enables us to treat your lawn for less than doing it yourself. Our price includes all feeds, weed and moss control, as well as VAT.

Can you remove my troublesome weeds?

A Yes, right down to the root. After our first weed control treatment you will see the weeds starting to die after about a week.

What about my moss problem?

A We address moss problems with our specialist moss control treatment. In addition, we also look at the reasons for moss such as thatch and soil compaction.

Are LawnTender licensed to treat lawns?

A By law, contractors must be licensed to apply lawn pesticides (weed, moss, pest and disease control). We are licensed by the National Proficiency Training Council (NPTC) to apply these treatments.

When is a good time to start to use LawnTender?

A Achieving a healthy, lush lawn is a year round activity – even in late autumn! You see, at this time your lawn needs energy to protect against disease and help with other problems like moss. So, anytime is a great time to start using our service.

Do I need to be in when you visit?

A No – generally we have agreement from our customers to access their garden and carry out the treatments without them needing to be in. We then leave you a letter with details of the treatment and a payment slip.

But I think my lawn is beyond saving?

A Lawns are rarely beyond saving – with a regular programme of treatments that will be tuned to your lawns needs, you will be surprised at how fast the transformation will be.

How long before I see a difference in my lawn?

A You will see a difference within a couple of weeks of the first application of our specialist fertilisers and pesticides. The lawn will generally be greener and show signs of stronger growth.

Is the effect on my lawn just skin deep?

A No!!! Unlike some lawn care services, we focus on both the above and below ground health of your lawn. That's why we carry out an initial detailed assessment and recommend a programme that includes key nutrients for grass growth, root development and disease protection. We also focus on regular aeration and scarification – vital for short and long term grass health.

Following a treatment, when can children or pets go on the lawn?

A Our products are children and pet safe, however, for best results we ask that you keep off the lawn for about a couple of hours so that the applications can settle into the lawn.

Do I need to water following a treatment?

A Our feeds are slow release and work by absorbing small amounts of water from the environment. Therefore, you do not need to do anything.

After hollow-tine aeration, why do you leave the soil cores on the lawn?

A Simple – the cores will breakdown within a week or so and, as they are full of nutrients, they act as an ideal top dressing for your lawn.

Will my gardener do the same as LawnTender?

A LawnTender have access to specialist lawn fertilisers and pesticides, as well as investing in the very best machinery. Typically, this significant focused investment in your lawn actually complements your gardener's work.

What about watering and mowing?

A We do not do this but it is good practice for you to water your lawn "deep down" once a week – not lightly every night! This will ensure a deeper and healthy root system. Regular mowing encourages growth and thickening of the lawn – cut to a height of about 30mm high each week.

We care for your lawn

Our feeds require no watering and will not scorch your lawn. They are long lasting and there is no surge growth. Grass will be greener, stronger and healthier. And because all we do is look after customer's lawns, we have the experience, products and equipment to improve and maintain your lawn – year round.

We’ve been transforming thousands of lawns since 2003 and with prices starting from just £18 (for a typical small lawn), any time’s a good time to get the lawn you’ve dreamt of.

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What our customers say | Our aim No weeds, No moss, No hassle!

  • Testimonial 1
    Testimonial 1
    great idea! The lawn has never looked so good! What an excellent service

    Our service takes the guesswork out of improving your lawn

  • Testimonial 2
    Testimonial 2
    The lawn is looking very good now for the first time since we came here four years ago

    If at first you don't succeed, call LawnTender!

  • Testimonial 3
    Testimonial 3
    What a difference - the lawn has been saved!

    If at first you don't succeed, call LawnTender

  • Testimonial 4
    Testimonial 4
    Never thought your treatment would make such a difference, the back garden looks like a carpet!

    Our service takes the guesswork out of improving your lawn

  • Testimonial 5
    Testimonial 5
    The contrast with our neighbour's lawn is amazing!

    Proving the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

  • Testimonial 6
    Testimonial 6
    Just amazed at how wonderful my lawn looks now after just one season's treatment

    However bad your lawn looks, let us help you develop your dream lawn

  • Testimonial 7
    Testimonial 7
    The change in the lawn was incredible. We have now moved and have a new challenge for you - same again please!

    We are consistently rated excellent for our customer service


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